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It is difficult to determine when exactly the idea of Treatfield came to us, but it definitely happened on a railroad track: on summer evenings, two fairly young guys sitting on the track were passionately discussing "the backstage" of their profession. Both are practicing psychotherapists, one is a young university professor and a researcher at the research institute, the other is a consultant for social projects on TV and a rehabilitation therapist in the past.

It was a kind of ritual: the railroad track ran exactly on the border of the two city districts. Honest parity. When we had to let the infrequent trains pass, we would step out from the track in different directions. There was something symbolic in this, having one's own territory, or something. It was an amazing experience of male close friendship with boundaries and personal positions. Apparently, good ideas are easily born this way.

During one of these conversations, we looked at psychotherapy for the first time not from within the profession, but through the eyes of those whom it could help. We realised how difficult it was to choose among the huge number of psychologists offering their services online. To understand the difference of psychological education diplomas and incomprehensible certificates. To find the right therapist in endless online catalogs of dubious quality. Make an appointment for the first sessions, worrying about sending money to a stranger.

Given the potential of online therapy and the incredible freedom it provides, this state of the psychotherapy market was a social crime. After all, thousands of people travel the world, live abroad or in small towns, and they all really need professional specialists who speak their native language and are close to them in values and mentality.

But even technical difficulties pale in comparison to how little people know about modern psychotherapy. About how enormous its potential is. The fact that psychology is no longer a discipline adjacent to medicine, and for several decades now, it has been a common practice for many people. That it is the most successful investment in your health in the modern world, and it pays off tenfold.

Of course, any such discussion sooner or later turns into "If you are so concerned about this problem, that is you who should solve it..." And we took up the challenge, trying to think not as psychologists but as potential customers. For more than two years, we analysed the market, wondering how many decisions needed to be revised and changed. Then we spent another two years implementing our ideas into TreatField, creating a modern online psychotherapy platform that allows people around the world to find and receive counselling from professional psychologists and psychotherapists in the most comfortable and safe way.

We have implemented a lot of things on TreatField in our own way, but these differences are what make us who we are.

How is TreatField different from other platforms?

We add new therapists based on interviews and references

Nowadays, anyone can call themselves a psychologist or a "master of eliminating negative energy" and offer services online. We have closed registration and accept new therapists either on the recommendation of existing ones or after an application and interview. We make sure that the therapists on the platform have proper education and certifications, serious experience in private practice, undergo personal therapy and regular supervision.

We have no rating system for the therapist

The list on the Therapists page is generated randomly. There is no artificial competition on TreatField based on to the number of publications, cheating of reviews and comments, or paid placement in search results.

We have solved payment problems

Therapy is paid for with a Visa or Master Card of any bank in the world in a few clicks. All transactions are processed by payment processing service that meets Visa and Master Card security standards. We never store customer financial details on our servers and are confident in the reliability of payments.

We have integrated a video calls service

Video communication is built right into the website and does not require additional programs or plugins. We built Treatfield in such a way that video recording or intercepting is impossible, and all consultations remain totally confidential.

Our team:

Anton Fedorets


Illia Poludonnyi


Volodymyr Tochytskyi


Max Popov


Bugental The Cat

Editor in chief

Olena Gapak


Anna Ishenko


Alina Zhischuk


Serhii Prystupliuk


Svitlana Prystupliuk

QA Engineer

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